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Anyone interested in hosting a talk or workshop please contact Tim Custis

phone: (408) 736-5136 or email: tim@spiralrelease.com

Events 2008


Free Talk


Finding “YOUR TRUTH”

Exploring the Human condition

Pain, fear, resistance and suffering play an important role in our human and spiritual existence. Learn how they can be used to accelerate our growth as a spiritual being having a human experience. In addition, you will learn body scanning a technique to help connect on a deeper level with your body.

July 2, 7:30 pm

East West Bookstore
324 Castro Street,

Mountain View, CA 94041

phone: 800-909-6161


Events 2007


Free Talk


You Must Feel to Heal


When we repress emotions, store physical pain in the body and avoid feeling these energies, we become vulnerable to illness, chronic pain and other health related issues.

Tim Custis, founder of Spiral Release® Bodywork, will show you how to begin your healing through reconnecting with these emotions and stored physical pain. He will facilitate healing and demonstrate Spiral Release Bodywork at this session.


October 1, 7:30 pm

East West Bookstore
324 Castro Street

Mountain View, CA 94041

phone: 800-909-6161





 be boundless 


Join healing facilitator Tim Custis for an afternoon of healing through the wisdom and energy of Divine Creator. Come learn how to loosen the binds of the past and experience the peace you so desire.

In this three-hour workshop you will:

  • Develop a new understanding of the body’s role in your mental, emotional and spiritual state.
  • Increase your body awareness to accelerate your spiritual growth. 
  • Become aware of how your past influences your present life reactions and choices. 
  • Learn how collaborating with your pain and fear will increase your healing ability.


Tim will be channeling source energy to enable your healing, demonstrating Spiral Release, teaching body scanning and sharing many of his insights and learned experiences.

Tim began his healing journey in 1987 after living with a severe back injury and alcoholism for more than 14 years. Told that he would live in pain the rest of his life, he experienced a spiritual awakening that led him into holistic healing and the work he does today. Tim founded Spiral Release Bodywork®, which has helped countless people change their lives. 

“Intelligence is present  everywhere in our bodies. Our own inner-intelligence is far superior to any we can try to substitute from the outside.” Deepak Chopra

Spiral Release Bodywork facilitates the permanent release of connective tissue in the body, enabling a wide range of changes throughout the body and spirit. SRB can release both physical and emotional pain. SRB has helped people with chronic back pain, sports injuries, carpal tunnel, headaches, digestion, fatigue, ovarian cysts and other ailments.

SRB also enhances recovery from accidents, injuries, surgery and other medical procedures. SRB has alleviated substance addictions, trauma and shock. Clients have experienced a reduction in physical pain, as well as an increase in personal empowerment and self-esteem, leading to a fuller union with their body and spiritual self.


Location: MindBodyZone

               3335 Seldon Court

               Fremont, CA 94539

When: October 6, 2007

Time: 3:00-6:00

Cost: $125

Register before September 1 and save $25

To reserve your space call 888-546-9496 or the MindBodyZone 510-813-4700


East West Bookstore
324 Castro Street, Mountain View
phone: 800-909-6161


Free Talk: March 22 . 7:30 pm

Whatever you RESIST will PERSIST and INTENSIFY

Tim Custis founder of Spiral Release® will talk about the effects of resistance in our body and life. Resistance is a creating energy; this creative energy reinforces the very pain we are trying to avoid, giving it strength to continue in our life. This is not confined to our physical body but all aspects of our being. Tim will be facilitating healing and teaching new ways of working with resistance.



327 Seldon Court Unit#1

Fremont, CA 94539

phone: 510-813-4700


Free Talk: April 14 . 7:00pm

The Healing Powers of Pain and Fear

Tim Custis, founder of Spiral Release suffered with emotional pain, alcoholism and a severe back injury for over fifteen years. His doctor said he would live in pain for the rest of his life with no hope of recovery. Listening to his own intuition, Tim used his pain and fear to begin healing. He will share his story, facilitate healing and introduce you to powerful tools for change and healing.


MindBodyZone presents:

Spiral Release® Yoga Therapy

An Immersion Experience

Spiritual teachers Michelle Robinson, owner of MBZ a yoga/pilates teacher and Tim Custis founder of Spiral Release combine their knowledge and experience to bring you a unique workshop that will deepen your body awareness.

This multi-sensory experience will engage your mind, body and spirit on every level. Using a combination of breathe, asana and Spiral Release, you will begin a journey of self-discovery and letting go.

This powerful combination will help you begin the process of releasing physical/emotional pain; create more flexibility as you begin to develop a new relationship with your body. Join Michelle and Tim for insightful concepts to inspire you through visualization, silence, spirituality and much more!

Michelle Robinson 

Michelle is the Founder and Yoga Director of MindBodyZone, she teaches group led and private one-on-one classes that are rich in philosophy, empowerment, alignment, and breath with soothing music and heat to allow the body to open up. Over the last 5 years, she has studied Viniyoga, Restorative and Vinyasa and has had the opportunity to study with Baron Baptiste, Kofi Busia, Sean Corne, Judith Lasater and many more. Yoga for her is an entire lifestyle that is driven by a constant journey for self-improvement and balance. Yoga truly changed her outlook on life and she encourages her students to find more peace and balance within themselves. Her students leave her class with a peaceful sense of self.

Tim Custis

Tim Custis founder of Spiral Release® suffered with emotional pain, alcoholism and a severe back injury for over fifteen years. Told he would live in pain the rest of his life he used his pain and fear to begin healing. Tim has been doing healing work since 1987. In addition he has studied Matrix Energetics, Reconnective Healing®, Quantum Touch® and is a Master Practitioner and Teacher of BioSync®. His passion is to work with people who want to change on a physical, emotional and spiritual level by facilitating their intentions into reality. He can be heard on the Seeing Beyond radio show, gives public talks/workshops and writes a monthly newsletter on personal and spiritual growth.

Spiral Release

Spiral Release Bodywork consists of deep tissue bodywork and neuromuscular therapy. While most massage therapists can incorporate deep pressure during a massage, SRB is a special therapy that encourages the permanent release of physical/emotional pain, trauma and stiffness. This unique bodywork allows the recipient to change not only on a physical level but allows the release of energetic patterns that affect their emotional and spiritual well-being.

Workshop Details:

Time: 1.00-4.00pm 

Date: Saturday, June 2 

Cost: $80 

Sign up before May 19 and receive a $10 discount. 

This class will fill up quickly so please register today by calling

510-813-4700 or register online here, scroll down the page to the workshop description and there you will find a link to register.


327 Seldon Court Unit#1

Fremont, CA 94539



Events - 2006

New workshop offered by the Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto, CA the following link will take you to their website for details and registration.

Spiral Release Integration - 04/29/06 - 04/30/06



An introduction to SRB

Spiral Release Bodywork is a dynamic way of bringing healing and transformation to people's lives. By exploring the world of intuition, intention and awareness you will begin to approach your work from a new place. As spiritual beings within human experience we have the opportunity to discover the world of bodywork from a spiritual place. This is where true healing takes place. When working from this space you can accelerate change for your clients and embrace your true abilities as a healing facilitator.

Who Can Attend:

There are no special requirements. You may want to attend to investigate the world of bodywork, or to take your existing abilities to the next level. This workshop is designed for anyone who has a desire to discover and explore his or her capabilities as a healing facilitator.


You will learn the following and much more:

    Philosophy and basic principles behind Spiral Release Bodywork

     A three-phase movement that makes permanent changes in the                  body

     How to use intention and energy to make powerful changes

    New ways to use your body, gravity and leverage to make your                   work easier

     A protocol to address opening the body using the SRB technique

     You will gain a new awareness of and connection with your own             body and what that means for you


Become a certified Spiral Release Bodywork


One on One and group training's available.


For information or questions on training or becoming an SRB practitioner, please contact Tim Custis at: (408) 736-5136 or

Email: tim@spiralrelease.com


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