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A One Person Perspective – by Stephanie Kern
Yucca Valley, Calif.

I started SRB sessions with Tim Custis and I’ve averaged from 2 to 4 sessions per month and plan to continue. If someone had told me that I would be appreciating what can sometimes be painful work, I’d have laughed at them. But it’s true. I am benefiting from this work on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

I have had many kinds of bodywork sessions including massage, myofacial release, physical therapy, energy work, acupuncture and a variety of others. I’ve engaged with a number of practitioners and so was surprised at how relaxed I was at the very first session. Tim is compassionate, non-confrontive and he creates a safe space to deal with what can be very private issues.

Physically: I have become hyper aware of the way I carry myself, where I hold my tension and what is no longer working. Some of the knots that have been released have allowed others to surface and I get to deal with that annoying (but bearable!) issue until my next visit. It is progressive. As the top protective layers are released, the center of the knot surfaces. This has been a fascinating process to observe, as well as experience! Tim also knows EXACTLY where the worst of the locked muscles are. This was further proof to me that this is real. If it wasn’t he couldn’t be so right on all the time!

I find myself sitting straighter, improving my work environment to better accommodate my body, and wanting/creating more movement in my life. (This is good because I tend to be pretty sedentary! :o)

Emotionally: Tim explained that releasing these tensions often brings up emotions, the emotion that caused the body to create the knot in the first place. He also said that some people feel the emotion as it is released and some don’t. It is not important for me to experience it as much as it is to simply let it go. I have experienced some emotion a few times, some sadness or anger, but most often Tim gets to feel it for me as we let it go. I actually appreciate that a lot since I don’t really want to back over all that stuff myself.

I feel clearer and much more centered. I am more aware of my emotions as they occur (a change for me), and am noticing that I am more affected by what I see, hear, and share. This is a positive change and I look forward to growing in this sensitivity.

Spiritually: Because I have been able to let go of so much, both physically and emotionally, I now feel more centered, clear on what is true for me and I’ve definitely let go of some of the blocks that stop me from doing what I want to do and being who I want to be. I used to feel as if my core being was locked up (probably for safe keeping) and I couldn’t get to my own center. That is no longer true. I now feel connected, whole, and more ready than ever to take on new challenges. AND I am enjoying life more every day.

The SRB work I’ve done with Tim has been a major factor in all these wonderful changes. I’ll continue with it as long as I can.

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