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Conscious Energy Release Techniques

Integrating the following simple techniques into your Spiral Release Bodywork session allows the body to let go physically and emotionally, while reducing pain and discomfort. I have found breath, color, attention, thoughts and intention to be the most useful. After experimenting with various combinations, these tools will enhance your SRB experience.

  • Awareness and Attention – By becoming self-aware, you gain ownership of your reality. Awareness is the first step toward manifesting change in your body and life. You cannot change anything without awareness. If we stop and pay attention, we gain understanding and the power to choose differently for ourselves. Without awareness, we move through life on autopilot.

  • During a session, you may experience a tightening up or tensing of an area in your body other than in the area where I am working. If you relax the tense areas, the area being worked will also begin to relax. For example, while I am working on your hip, you notice that your right foot is clenched. By consciously relaxing your right foot, your hip will, begin to relax. To implement the technique of using awareness, you must have your attention throughout your body.



Unless we have a particular pain or ache, not much attention is paid to the body. During everyday life, we tend to take the body for granted. How often during the day are you fully aware of your body? With each session, you will have the opportunity to develop this skill. Awareness can be used in everyday life to help you be more relaxed and centered.

  • Intention – Intention is determination to manifest change. Taking responsibility for your personal health and well being is ultimately how all true healing takes place. At this level, all is possible and miracles happen. You must be open to the possibility, and then bring that possibility into your reality through intention and action. When you are mentally and physically open, then change is inevitable.

    During your session, it is important to have a clear intention of what you want to accomplish. First, we become aware and then we make the decision to change. With this decision comes an intention and then a focus or commitment to follow through until the desired result is reached. (To learn more about intention and awareness see: http://www.newdimensions.org/online-journal/articles/genius-of-intention.html)

  • Breath – “Breath is the subtlest connector of all parts of the mind-body system. Consciously adopting a regular but easy rhythm eases emotional release.” Deepak Chopra

    Working with your breath to facilitate release will create a successful session for you. The importance of breath has been known for thousands of years in disciplines such as yoga, meditation, and martial arts. The breath is a powerful tool for change and can be used not only in yoga and bodywork but also in everyday life. Breath can alter habitual adverse behavior during stressful times. If engaged in an argument, you may find your breath shallow or even non-existent. By bringing your awareness to your breath, you can step out of the emotional charge of the argument. Followed by three to five deep cleansing breathes, you will become more relaxed and tension will be eased. Your behavior will make a positive shift. It may take some practice, and once you are able to do this in the moment, you may find the ability to eliminate stress in your life. (to learn more about the breath see: http://www.yogamovement.com/resources/breathing.html)

  • Thought – Have you ever heard of self-talk? It is a term used to describe inwardly directed thoughts and words. People talk to themselves either out loud or subconsciously at the rate of 150 to 300 words per minute. This adds up to as many as 50,000 thoughts per day that we direct toward ourselves. We rarely become aware of self-talk during our day-to-day living, and it affects our perceptions, choices and reactions. Negative self-talk can hold you back from finding and fulfilling your purpose in life. It affects how you interact and react with others. By becoming aware of this chatter, you can make significant changes in your life and body. How much of this talk do you hear on a conscious level? What are you saying to yourself right now? Is it negative?

    Being aware of your thoughts and preconceived notions during a session is a powerful way to change your body. When something limiting comes up, it helps to shift to a positive thought. For instance, if you feel pain and your thought is “this hurts too much, I don’t want to do this,” By changing this thought to, “I’m Ok, this pain is what I want to let go of” the body will begin to respond positively. This is because you are no longer reinforcing your limiting thought.

    If you pay attention to your thoughts as they arise, this technique can work in your everyday life as well. With practice, these limiting thoughts will be less frequent and will eventually stop.

  • Color – As the body begins to open and release, some people see color. Using color during your session works in the same manner as changing your thoughts. Seeing a color is a thought. By changing the color, you change the thought. This can reduce pain and speed up the process of letting go.

    Not everyone will see color but for those who do, color may be a powerful tool to enhance their experience.

You are free to experiment with these different techniques to find which works best for you. Over time, they become an integral part of the work. Once this happens you will become an active participant in the process rather than being just a subject getting worked on. Eventually, you will not need to rely on someone else to heal you but will be able to take responsibility for healing yourself. Ultimately, this is how all true healing takes place. At this point, all things are possible and miracles can happen. You must be open to the possibility and then bring that possibility into your reality through intention and action.

“If you don’t see and immediate result to good or bad action, be patient and observe.” Deepak Chopra

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