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Will is from the Outside

Here are some simple things when put into action can change your life. Recognize that will is from the outside and passion comes from within. When you tap into your passion you have connected with your heart energy. Heart energy is the greatest creative energy on the planet. When you come from this place of creating it begins to happen with ease.

The minute you say I am you create. So pay attention when using this phrase. How many times has the voice inside your head said, I AM STUPID or I AM NOT WORTHY? You have to identify with what you want to be in life and your potential. It is time to stop putting your energy into what you do not want in your life. For example, do you think or talk about your pain all day or do you think about living without pain? Do you take action toward creating a life without pain or just complain or ignore it. What are you creating more pain or freedom from it?

Begin to talk about joy and pleasure. Use your passion not just your will and certainly not your dysfunction to create the life you desire. We all deserve the very best that life hast to offer and the universe is there waiting to bring it forth.

Two Easy Exercises for Cultivating Heart Energy

Adapted from Healing Without Fear by Laurel Ann Reinhardt, PhD (Inner Traditions, 2002).

Research proves that fear, along with anger and sadness, depresses our immune systems, while love, appreciation, gratitude and joy enhance the functioning of this system. It has also been said that love and fear cannot coexist. The heart chakra is said to be the seat of love, the connection between ourselves and others.


These exercises will help you cultivate this bridging and nourishing heart energy.

1. Breathing into Your Heart

Fear contracts the heart, closing it down. Breathing into the heart expands it, making space for new feelings and experiences. Before you begin, connect with your heart and notice its size and how it feels. Take about two minutes to consciously breathe into your heart, feeling it expand with each breath. Now check in again with your heart. How has your experience of your heart changed?

2. Reaching Out and Drawing in Love, Joy, Compassion, Spirit, and God

Our conscious intentions, choices, and actions have great power. By consciously choosing to draw certain energies to you, you become like a magnet for your own good. Drawing in love, joy, compassion, spirit, and God can counteract fear, anxiety, or depression.

This exercise should be done slowly. It can be practiced while standing, sitting, or lying down. Reach out in front of (or above) you, extending your arms, hands, and fingers and imagine you are reaching out for love - God's love, the universe's love, and so forth. Slowly draw that love energy in toward your heart until your hands come to rest on your chest. You can add words to this exercise, such as "I open myself to love (or joy, compassion, spirit, God). Love, come rest in my heart."

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