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The Enigma of Death

One of the definitions of enigma is mystery: something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained; "how it got out is a mystery"; "it remains one of nature's secrets ", the hidden meaning of which is to be discovered or guessed.

I was listening to some music the other day by a group called Enigma. I had not heard this word for a long time and noticed how it affected me. I started thinking about the enigma of life and even death. Death is a subject that is not commonly spoken about but is certainly unavoidable.

As I approach 50 years old this next January I have begun to think differently about my life and how I live. It has been an interesting journey as I grow older. Each decade brings new knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Yet I often feel the more I know the less I understand, which can be very confusing . I do not think being confused is bad because it encourages us to ask questions and seek explanations, which can bring new insights about the mysteries of life and yes, even death.

This next birthday has me thinking about my own mortality and that of my parents, relatives and other friends as we all move towards the ultimate transition in our lives. Is there life after death? Do we or can we reincarnate and come back? Does our spirit live on? These are all questions that may never be answered fully for everyone in this life. Yet, I do know that once someone has had a near death experience or past life experience, their view of the after life is very different from someone who has not. They have a knowing that what they saw and experienced was real and yes, there is more to death than the loss of this life. It is connecting with another aspect of our infinite lives.

Are these experiences real or a figment of our imaginations? I have personally experienced a past life event on my own journey and with clients in session. I can tell you that it was as real to me as my everyday life and it changed me forever. I now of course believe in past lives and it changed my view of life after death. Just as importantly, it changed how I live my life today. This experience revealed to me a part of myself that I was not conscious of in my life, something that was holding me back from being more of my authentic self. The experience allowed me to change for the better. Whether real or a figment of my imagination, I am grateful for the experience. Similarly, if you read or talk to anyone who has had a near death experience they will tell you in no certain terms that there is life after death.

The only thing I know for sure about death is that it will come. When, where and how are another matter and something that I leave up to the universe. I have faith that I will do what needs to be done in this life and that I will go when the time is right. Focusing on the fear of death or ignoring the reality of it can take you from fully living your life and being in the moment. Find the balance point and use this truth to appreciate and fully live, love and explore each moment now. For me, I do not have to have faith that there is more to life, because I know there is. Can I prove it through reason? No, but I can know it through experience. Therefore, death for me is just another step in this incredible life we live.

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