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Changing the World

During November and December we celebrate many holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Winter Solstice, and Kwanzaa to name a few. It is a time when we give thanks; appreciate others through giving, service and celebration.

I found in my own life the greatest way to feel fulfilled and happy is through acts of kindness and service. In this materialistic world we live in, it is easy to be caught up in our conditioned and competitive ways of life. This often leads us into an unfulfilled and lonely life looking for the next fix. Filling your house and life with things or giving into additive behavior will not make you happy for very long because eventually you end up right back where you started. We always end up having to be and live with ourselves. The good news is things can change.

Changing yourself is the only way I know to make things different. All the other traps like food, drugs, sex, alcohol, shopping and yes even chocolate will only last so long. Trust me: I know from personal experience, as I believe most of us do if we are honest with ourselves.

Beginning to help others through service, even something as simple as putting a quarter in someone's expired parking meter can change your day. Dare I say your life? We seem to have forgotten that we are all connected in this world. This is more than just some new age statement because physics has shown that every individual's consciousness is always co-creating in a unified, interconnected reality with every particle and wave that exists and that has ever existed and that will exist. Just because we do not have a sensory awareness of this fact does not mean it is not true. Keep in mind we used to think the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth.

Remember the next time you smile at someone there is definitely a trickle down or better yet trickle up effect. You have experienced this effect by being with someone who makes you feel good and others who drain your energy or make you feel bad. A kind word can change someone's day and then they may pass it on. It is amazing how one simple act of kindness can change the lives of an indeterminate number of people.

I like to go hiking and I always find it interesting how many people walk by me without even looking at me let alone say anything. The next time you walk down the street look up and give someone a smile or say hi. That person may be having a terrible day and your kindness may change their day. If they do not respond do not think how rude, send them a blessings and bring a smile to your face for the next person. Why is it when we see a baby it brings joy to us but if we just see the parent walking by himself or herself we feel nothing, and we may ignore them. We have all been children; see that child in the next person walking by you.

Therefore, as you go through this holiday season and into the rest of your life, bear in mind you are sowing the seeds today of what you will reap tomorrow. The next time a stranger smiles at you, smile back and pass it on to the next person. Look for opportunities to do service and acts of kindness big or small, they all have a powerful effect on you, the people around you and our planet. Changing the world begins with changing ourselves first. With awareness, we can choose to shift from the selfish and narrow outlook of our ego-driven personality to the all-embracing generosity of our soul, simply by changing our perspective.

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