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Changing Directions


God, life, the universe - choose your term - can often put us in situations that are uncomfortable, such as a difficult relationship, dealing with illness or physical injury, to name a few. I personally have experienced all of these and many others in my own life and this continues to happen today. I am grateful for these challenges because they force me to look at where I am and where I am going. They encourage me to make choices that change the direction of my life. If we do not change directions, we will end up where we were going. Personally, I never want to end up where I was going because I see with some modifications I always end up some place better. The sooner we can see these choice points in our lives and take action, the easier life becomes. If you are not happy where you are, make a different choice. Do not wait to start tomorrow, start NOW!


Growing up, I had an image that my life would be "perfect". Somehow, I thought I could have a life where I would not have problems and things would just flow with ease and grace. What I found is that I had to learn to flow with ease and grace through any circumstance in my life. You have to embody these characteristics even when things are rough. It is always easier to feel ease and grace when things are going well, but what happens when your world is turned upside down? Are you still able to stay centered and connected to the characteristics that you want to embody in your life, or are they nowhere to be found? They are still there with you, you just have to see them and be them.


Fighting change extends the difficult experience and can infuse pain into your life and body. The more we resist the more pain we feel. Can you remember a time when you wanted to quit a job or breakup with someone in a relationship? The longer you waited to act the harder it got. The more painful it felt even in your body. You felt pain just being at your job or being around the person. Moreover, the pain continued to grow until it got so bad you felt you had no choice but to get out of the situation. Wouldn't it be easier to take action sooner so you could move through the experience faster and easier? When you feel resistance use it, this is a choice point for changing direction.


The purpose behind all this is divine because it gets us to step back and look at our lives with a new perspective. Yes, life is "perfect" just as it is. Would you appreciate the sunshine as much without the clouds from time to time? If life was without the difficult times we would not appreciate the good times as much. We would not learn about ourselves and life would become mundane and even tiresome. Life is contrast so that our experience of it as a spiritual being having a human incarnation can be rich and full.


This is not to say that we have to live in pain. It is our perception about what we experience and how we go through these experiences that make the process easy or harder. What you resist does persist so remember the next time you are faced with a choice point: take the time to look around and do not discount the event. The universe will continue to show you the way if you are not looking and listening. If you don't pay attention, the road can get pretty bumpy.


You have multiple choices to make in each situation that life brings you, many more than you can see right now. So look closer for the infinite number of choices you can make. Explore the lush green fields of choice and change. In addition, see how scrumptious your life can become by changing direction.

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