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Accepting the Truth of Now


Can I feel content in my everyday life with who I am and what I have or am I cursed to always want more? I have found through my continual deep and profound work with my own body, that it teaches me not only how to change on a physical level but how to view life from a different perspective. This new perspective continues to bring more peace and understanding into my life.

I have often felt stuck in my life and can suck myself down into a deep, black hole when I focus on what I think I SHOULD be . more loving, sexy, productive, whatever and that I should have MORE or different things .

Thinking I should be something else or have something else means I am not happy now. This is poverty thinking and a guaranteed way to be miserable.

Let me tell you how the body led me to a new place of understanding. When I started receiving bodywork years ago, the experience was very painful for me. As I continued to get bodywork, I realized that the work was not creating the pain but the pain resided in my body, often in places in which I had no idea pain existed. This common experience allowed me, and then my clients, to begin to connect with our bodies in new and profound ways. What transpired over time was an understanding that when you put your attention on pain the pain will often increase. You do not have to feel this in the physical body to understand what I am saying think about a time in your life when you felt angry with someone. Even now, the more you focus on them and the situation the angrier you get, right?

When we put our attention on something we give it energy and this is part of the creative process. Resisting something is a form of attention and therefore you are creating the very thing in your life that you do not want. Let me say it another way, resistance is the energy that what you do not want uses to feed on and grow.

This was a revelation for me because I began to see that my attention was mostly on the things I did not want in my life -- not on the things that I wanted.

We can let go of this resistance by accepting WHAT IS . Say, "This is how I am right now and that's okay." Don't resist it: accept it.

When I first tried this, I could say it but not believe it. Then I began to experience the freedom this perspective brings - just by changing my mind! Now I am beginning to believe it. What a gift!

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