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"Walk in balance with
one foot in your
spiritual understanding
and one foot in your
physical world
of accomplishment."

— Lynn V. Andrews

May 2006

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Tim Custis
Spiral Release Bodywork
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The Healing Power of Pain and Fear with Tim Custis

East West Bookstore
324 Castro Street, Mountain View
phone: 800-909-6161

Introductory Talk (free): June 14 • 7 pm

Workshop: June 18 • 1–4 pm
$39 advance, $45 day of event

Tim Custis, founder of Spiral Release® suffered with emotional pain, alcoholism and a severe back injury for over fifteen years. His doctor said he would live in pain for the rest of his life with no hope of recovery. Listening to his own intuition, Tim used his pain and fear to begin healing. He will share his story and introduce you to powerful tools for change and healing.


Breathing into Your Heart

Fear contracts the heart, closing it down. Breathing into the heart expands it, making space for new feelings and experiences. Begin by connecting with your heart. Feel it beating, you may notice its size or how it feels. Take about two minutes to consciously breathe into your heart, feeling it expand with each breath. Now check in again with your heart. How has your experience of your heart changed?


The Art of NOT Letting Go

Sometime ago I wrote an article called The Art of Letting Go. A short time after I was sitting at my computer and the words, the art of NOT letting go came to me. I jotted them down not knowing why. Some days later as I pondered their meaning and something important became clear to me.

I was a master at not letting go, as I believe so many of us are. We hold onto anger, resentment, jealousy and many other limiting emotions and reactive behaviors generated by our past experiences. Often we think we have dealt with these emotions only to find out much later they still reside within us. Clients are shocked to find emotions and memories of past events stored in their body without having any consciousness awareness of their existence. This is like someone flipping your switch as they say and you end responding completely out of proportion to the event or person. Later you ask yourself why did I react that way. The stored energetic pattern was activated by the other person’s actions or words and that triggered the old pattern or memory. Have you ever had a reaction in the present moment in which your response was based entirely on a similar event that happed from your past? More

Spiral Release®

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