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"The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire, not things we fear."

Brian Tracey

"Focus on your potential instead of your limitations"  

Alan Loy McGinnis

September 2006

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the September issue of Higher Vibrations.

I am sending this issue out a few days early to notify anyone that was coming to my talk on September 14, it has been canceled. Stay tuned for my new talk and workshop coming in January 2007.

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Tim Custis
Spiral Release Bodywork
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Where Is Your Focus?

Having severe back pain for many years I realized one day that most of my attention and time was spent on thinking about my pain, not on getting better. This does not mean I was not trying to get better or that I did not want to get better -- of course I did. However, the more pain I had the more I focused on it. This left less energy for getting better. As the saying goes... More



Try a simple exercise to begin developing your focusing abilities. Pick something like relaxing your shoulders or maybe you want to stop thinking about something or someone that is bothering you. You can pick anything that is taking a lot of your attention and that you would like to shift or change. You then put your attention or thoughts onto something else that is more positive and relaxing.

It is important to know that often when we begin to focus on something our minds get distracted very quickly. This is normal for most people, so do not get discouraged. Your job is to bring that wandering mind back to what you are focusing on as often as possible. When your mind wanders, you will continue to re-focus it. Every time you focus, you are building your mind's muscles. Therefore, your job is not to stay focused, because you won't for very long, but to re-focus your mind over and over. Notice how this affects your body and mind. Do you feel different?


Stay tuned for details about my upcoming talk and workshop in January 2007


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