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"Living from this false sense of identity creates thousands of fearful and self-damaging ideas toward life. For instance, there is no more dangerous, nor frustrating, doctrine than that 'you ought' to live according to the dictates of a confused society. You ought to do nothing of the sort. In fact, the only real life you have is that which springs spontaneously from your own spiritual nature."

Vernon Howard


October 2006

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the October issue of Higher Vibrations.

Stay tuned for details about my new talk and workshop coming in January 2007.

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Making the Choice

As we live day by day, we are constantly making choices that steer the course of our lives. Often times these choices have consequences. Many times we have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy. I believe we always know the right choice in any given situation, although we will often find excuses to take the easy way. I have been a master at taking the easy way in the past and wish I could say ... More


Change it up!

I see people in all sorts of situations even what we perceive to be successful people who feel a sense of being lost. A very simple solution to this problem is getting variety back into your life. After all, if you are just going work, coming home to eat dinner, watch TV and go to sleep, only then to wake up the next morning and do it all over again, it is no big surprise that you feel a lack of self worth and in a place where you feel stuck or lost!

Put something new in your life. Some suggestions would be to practice yoga, dance, swimming or some other healthy activity. Volunteer at a shelter or hospice. Working with children is another great way to break out of your comfort zone. Taking up a fresh challenge will smash through some of those walls that you've built up in your mind. Experiences like these can ignite a spark within you and may give you some clues as to which area you would like to change in your life. Even if it doesn't, what it will do is give you the opportunity to expand yourself. It will increase your sharpness, mental clarity and also open up a universe of new possibilities. You will feel more open and alive and those previous feelings of being stuck and frustrated will slowly start to dissolve.


Stay tuned for details about my upcoming talk and workshop in January 2007


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